Pablo x Black Thunder Cheese Tart

Have you tried Pablo’s limited edition Black Thunder Cheese Tarts ? Pablo Cheese Tarts have collaborated with Japan’s famous Black Thunder Chocolate.

Black Thunder is a cocoa-flavored cookie bar mixed with Japanese style rice puffs coated with chocolate while Pablo Cheese Tart’s are already famous for their cheese tart recipe which are available in almost all flavors.

The tarts are price at ¥700 and is available starting Aug 1 and ends until supplies last.


Hanami 2020

Hello April. It’s been 4 months since 2020 and we are getting nearer to the End of world lol. Covid-19 has made most countries in lockdown while here in Japan people are still scheduling their yearly Hanami. (Gotta love Japan and it’s priorities!)

Long story short, me and my friends decided to view sakuras in Kintai Kyo Bridge because you know what they say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Do take note that when we went there, the flowers are not yet in full bloom. 🌸

It has become a daily necessity to wear a mask.

Hanami literally means “viewing flowers,” but it generally indicates cherry blossom viewing. It’s a 1,000 year old tradition of the Japanese people wherein they look at beautiful cherry blossoms and wrote poems inspired by them.

There are also some food stalls and a boat ride so that you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery. Boat rides cost ¥3,000 while the food ranges from ¥500-¥1,000. I bought a Takoyaki and Yakiniku for snacks.

All in all, it’s a bittersweet event because I still get anxiety whenever I go outside because of Covid-19. We really didn’t stay there for too long because we’re getting paranoid. I also washed my hands and spray anti-bac/alcohol on my clothes before getting in our car. I do hope that this virus will be finished and we can all go back to our daily lives.


Maki ♥️